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REFER ONE PERSON: Get a free $20 Amazon gift card each time you refer someone who completes a full price shoot with us (except when you are receiving a higher reward, then that reward would fall in the place of the gift card).  If you refer someone who purchases a sale shoot we give you $5-10 gift cards depending on how deep the sale price.

REFER THREE: get a free 40 page BodyBook setup or a 25 picture portrait session, a $99 value.

REFER FIVE: Get 2-3 months paid membership at a participating gym or a 1 hour massage of equal value; plus a free jug or protein or BCAAs free (a $150 value).

REFER SEVEN: Get free senior pictures or portrait or family portrait session worth $250 (The portraits can be of anyone you want), or a $100 Vitamin Shoppe gift card.

REFER TEN: get a gym photoshoot worth $350 for free, or a $200 Amazon gift card

REFER A GROUP OF 3+: Get a 25 picture portrait session (a $100 value), A $100 fitness shoot upgrade, or a 60 page BodyBook/YouBook setup (a $100 value).

Rules: Simply tell us their first & last names and email before they book the shoot so we can log it, and once their shoot gets completed we will contact you to about the rewards you will receive. Easy as that! 

*The people you refer must buy something to make you eligible for the rewards within one year.  

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Your referrals are so valuable to us, you need not have ever made a purchase of any kind with us to receive these rewards!


Many people choose several photo shoots with us and we want to show you how much we appreciate that! We love to watch you grow (or shrink)--whatever your goals are it's exciting to see you knocking them out of the park a little more each time!

It's time we give something back along with epic pictures--we have decided to reward our Frequent Flexers with cool stuff each time they shoot with us!

The more we work with you, you not only get great pictures and rewards, but we get to know your physique and personal tastes better and better so we can make you happier each & every time we have the pleasure of working together.

Your second shoot: Instant shoot upgrade. Get 10 extra pictures for free.

Your third shoot: Instant shoot upgrade: 20 free pictures plus 50 page BodyBook setup. If you purchased a gold shoot package, then get a $25 Amazon gift card to top it off.


Your 4th shoot: 

$50 gift card to a nearby supermarket or health food store. Fitness enthusiasts eat a lot of healthy food, and that can get expensive real fast. We understand that!

Your 5th shoot: 

A 1 hour massage at a salon near you, who wouldn't love that?

Your 7th shoot: 

$100 Vitamin Shoppe gift card! Who doesn't need a few extra pounds of protein and BCAAs?

Your 10th shoot: 

$200 Amazon gift card. You earned it—these shoots can be a workout!

Rules: The rewards above are for the purchase of full price shoots only.

*Rewards for purchases on sale shoots are eligible for a $10-25 Amazon gift card, depending on how deep the sale price. There will always be rewards for every repeat client!

*This begins 6/6/17. If you have already purchased a shoot or two and are considering another, you are eligible right now!