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Seriously fit friends!! Desiree Duggan does an amazing job with fitness photos! I love how she captures each individual person and the art and beauty behind each person, muscle, and spirit! If you ever need fitness photos done I highly recommend her! ~Alma Mentz, Bikini Competitor in the 2017 Natural Bodybuilding Championships

"I am far from a fitness model but the day of my shoot you made me feel like the most beautiful women in the world. The pictures turned out amazing. Thanks for making me feel so comfortable". ~ Cassie Kraemer; Body Transformation; Extreme Weight Loss contestant


"Desiree is so talented and made me feel so comfortable during my two photo shoots and now I have preserved my hard work and dedication with the treasures she created for me. I will forever be grateful!" ~ Megan Heller; Figure Competitor


"Beautifull photo shoot with my 2 daughters and granddaughter at the park, in the winter, Beautifull shots, Truely Amazing♡" ~ Karen Jackson, Proud Mom

"Desiree is the consummate professional--thorough, works to exacting standards and, above all, a pleasure to work with." ~ Dinah Rose Clemente; Health & Strength Gym

"U did an awesome photo shoot 4 my daughter's wedding! Great pictures and as always u are fun to watch work, go gittem girl". ~ Fred Kauer

"Desiree is an awesome photographer! There is not a single picture I didn't love! She is very skilled and I loved my photo shoot with her! Not only did she create great photographs, but she has continued to help me with modeling/sponsorship opportunities! I definitely recommend her!" Larissa Klemm


"Desiree Duggan with Corso Photography is amazing. Whether you are wanting action shots (Im a dog trainer and she took pictures of my classes) still portraits of people or animals, modeling pictures, or just amazing pictures of your special moments you cant ask for a more professional photographer than Desiree." ~Sandi Akers


"I''ll be the first to admit that I was somewhat hesitant to do my first photo shoot with Corso Photographic. This had nothing to do with them, but everything to do with me and my own insecurities. I wanted some high quality photos, but the idea of being in front of camera made feel uneasy. After spending over 1 year contemplating whether or not I should do a shoot, I finally came to realization that I wasn't getting any younger, so it was now, or never!

  When I arrived for my very first photo shoot with Corso Photographic, I instantly had a good feeling about them. They were very friendly and professional. Shooting with them was much easier than I had anticipated. They made me feel very comfortable and were very efficient with instructing me how to pose and make the photographs come out as captivating as possible. After the shoot I was absolutely SHOCKED when I saw my pictures for the first time! I just could not believe they were of me!!! They looked so much better than what I saw when I looked in the mirror!!!

  Don't let anyone fool you-- there are great details that ONLY be revealed by an expert who has mastered the ability to manipulate various light to achieve an optimal effect! No cell phone, or inexperienced photographer with a digital camera will provide this for you! I have shot with Corso Photographic dozens of times now! The photographs are of such remarkable quality that they are currently being used by a major supplement company to promote their products! This is the difference that high quality photography can make! I STRONGLY recommend booking Corso Photographic for a shoot if you're a physique competitor, or if you're just an every day person that has reached a new level of conditioning that you're proud of and want to freeze your achievement in time, so it will live on forever! Corso Photographic is not limited to fitness photography exclusively. They also do sensational work involving sports, body transformations, portraits, and even pet photography!" ~Chad Shaw