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Posing Tips


About 75 percent of people whom we have photographed have never stepped in front of the camera. Don't be afraid! We are very used to working with people who have never posed. Here are some tips to help you on your photo shoot, whether you are a beginner or not.


1. Practice, practice! Practice in front of a mirror as much as possible, look at magazines, try to copy what you see. Check to make sure the facial expressions and poses look good on you first, all faces and bodies are different. Even if you do think it looks fantastic sometimes the lighting or camera angles may not think so, but just try to do your best. Get your mind into the mood you wish to convey. This works especially well with Fantasy and Cosplay shoots.


2. Get as tan as possible! Tanning makes muscle tone stand out and minimizes imperfections. If you are going to be in pictures with one or more people, try to get you skin tones to match up as much as possible, with the lighter person trying to meet the shade of the darker person as much as possible. Darker is better! We know it is not always possible to meet the exact shade, just do as best as you can. Spray tans and tan in a can work very well, don't worry about being too orange. A tanning salon or the sun makes a good base tan, with a spray tan over it. Try as best as you can to avoid streaks with the spray tan.


3. On the day of the shoot, wear loose clothing and no pinching undergarments that will leave indents in your skin. 


4. Cut tags out of clothing that will be worn on the shoot.


5. Have matching or coordinating clothing with minimal logos. Bring more than you will need. You never know what will just 'work' on the set. Black, white, and gray matches everything; and black or dark colors being the most popular color for shorts. 


6. Many people get a 'muscle pump' when they work abs and they tend to smooth over so try to not work abs on the day before or day of the shoot. This does not apply to everybody, so know your body. Get the parts of your body that you want to be pumped pumped, such as biceps, shoulders, chest, etc. Some people have said their legs smooth out when pumped so once again, know your body.


7. A professional makeup artist/hair stylist is suggested, unless you are really, really good. They are not just for the ladies! Sometimes a spray tan can wear off the face faster than the body, and a makeup artist can blend the color without it looking like makeup, even on a man. For ladies who are wanting the natural look, I would still suggest a makeup artist. Without at least neutral eye and lip makeup, the facial features become washed out under my lighting, which can be brighter than the sun at times. Some neutral eyeliner/mascara and a shade of lipstick is suggested for females. It will be worth it.


Suggestions for clothing 



Tank Tops and T shirts in solid colors

sport shorts


tennis shoes in neutral colors, work boots


Old raggedy garments, if desired

any props you can think of                       



Tanks Tops, wife beaters, and Sports Bras                                      

Sport Shorts, jean shorts




Old Raggedy clothes, if desired

Tennis shoes, high heels, boots   

Any props you can think of 


Children and Teens

Tank tops, sport bras, T shirts, workout clothes

Sport shorts

Any Clothes matching the parents



Tennish shoes, boots, etc

Big jewelry, sunglasses, hats

Any props you can think of; such as basketballs, baseballs and bats, gloves, etc