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Now offering expert photo retouching! From treasured vintage family of Granny to your business portrait, we offer an array of services to make your photos shine! We currently offer:

*Skin & Hair Retouching *Color Correction *Body Contouring *Background Removal or Changing *Exposure Correction *HD Effects

*Photo Manipulation *Skin Smoothing *Eye & Teeth Whitening *Artistic Color Effects and Black & White Conversion *Photo Clean Up: Removal of Undesirables Such as Outlets, Garbage Cans, Other People, Photobombs, etc. *Color Changing *Damage Free Vintage Photo Restoration *Basic Enhancement *Adding Objects, Pets, and other People *Hand Coloring (Digital) *

Skin retouching as part of a photo shoot package: anything you want corrected such as blemishes of any sort, wrinkles, pimples, freckles, moles, scars, razor bumps, general skin smoothing, eye and tooth whitening, cellulite smoothing, body contouring, clothing correcting (when it cuts in to the flesh), etc. Click here for more information, and scroll down.