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Here are some locations we regularly shoot at, that will give you an idea of the look you will get when you shoot in any of the below locations. Inlcuded are gyms, studios, and outdoor locations around Wisconsin.

Badger Fitness, Madison, WI

Badger Fitness had two locations in the heart of Madison, and is bright, clean, and photographs beautifully. It has a mix of reds, tans, natural light, and beautiful reflection that is second to none. They are very bodybuilding and power lifting friendly, as you will see.

Blackhawk Family Fitness, Fort Atkinson, WI

Another unique gym on the list is Blackhawk Family Fitness in Fort Atkinson. Formerly an architect's building, it has some unique features. It is a great gym to shoot in as there are many varied rooms, stairwells, some with studio-like blank backgrounds that we can change into solid colors, an outdoor area with huge tires to flip, along with the much desired gym features. You can get a whole portfolio of looks from this gym! For more pictures, scroll through the gallery below:

The Delavan Fitness Center (Rocky's Gym), Delavan, WI

The Delavan Fitness Center is a sprawling gym that never seems to end! Around each corner there is another room. They offer equipment from all eras that you may have never seen before! From vintage round ended dumbbells & machines from when bodybuilding first became popular, to modern day equipment for bodybuilding and powelifting there is something for everyone here.

Various Outdoor Locations, WI

These pictures, (scroll through the gallery below) were taken in various locations across Wisconsin and Florida, from our backyard to lavish beaches and national parks. Every shoot is different, even if shot in the same location. We scout locations constantly, yet we are always open to suggestion. The pricing is the same for outdoor shoots as it is for studio shoots. Scheduling an outdoor shoot can br very reliant on the weather, so it is good to have a backup plan.

The Studio

Here are a few examples of work done in our studio. With the term "the studio", I have a black background, a white background, along with using garage walls, walls in your home, our home, hotels, parking garages, wherever we happen to be that indoors is a studio to us. Currently, our personal studio includes a black, white, and gray wall, a newly faux painted rustic wall that looks like concrete, and a sick set of black and red stairs. Be the first to get pics with these!