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Fitness photography is an investment in yourself. It can be used to document your conditioning, as a modeling portfolio, enhance your personal training business, get sponsored by a supplement company, or to see where one can improve for a sport. Many who have shot with us will shoot a week before and a week after a competition to gauge how they look. You invest so much time and money in your conditioning, diet, trainers, tanning, posing suits, posing instructors, etc; it is only the next logical step to preserve the final product of all of those efforts in eye catching images. You put all of that love into gracing the stage for one minute (literally), so why not make it permanently available to be seen? We are fairly priced so there is nothing to stop you from doing this justice to your efforts and get the best quality Wisconsin has to offer in the way of fitness photography. I do not list package prices because packages are highly personal and almost every single one is different. Let's put something together for you today. Click HERE for package types.


Please contact us for details.
We are located in South-Central Wisconsin, 1/2 hour south of Madison, I.5 hours west of Milwaukee, and 2-2.5 hours west of Chicago. There is a convenient airport in Madison, one in Milwaukee, and one in Chicago.
You must pay airfare and lodging if you book us for elsewhere in the US unless we are in that general location already (e.g. when shooting a competition) then discounts may apply. *There is a $175 travel fee for Chicago shoots, but this gets split up between people if you bring friends. The more people you bring, the less you pay.
The more the merrier! book 2 photo sessions in one day get the 3rd one free (of equal or less time). Get your friends and team mates in on the savings! I also shoot actor head shots, modeling portfolios, products, and pets. Not every person in the group needs to be doing the same type of pictures.

We have access to stylists for males and females. They typically charge $75 for a makeup and hair styling, and less if you provide your own makeup and products. These stylists typically charge a travel fee and may need advance notice.