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Friends of First fitness photography

As fitness photographers, we have been privileged to meet and photograph some very special people with which we have become very good friends. Many people we have worked repeatedly with over their time competing, some as many as 12 shoots and counting. We have dedicated this page to them, including links to their websites.


A fitness photography shoot is not only about the finished photos. It is about the subject and the photographer co-creating a work of art that is instantly recognizable by others as something more than simply a moment that has been 'captured', but a deliberately created work of art, not only in the fitness photography and environment the subject is photographed in but the careful attention paid to highlighting the physiques of the subjects that are living works of art in and of themselves. Aside from the work it is to create these images, a lot of fun has been had and memories created.

It has been our pleasure to know these people, and we are richer for having the pleasure of knowing and working with them on a regular basis.


Chad Shaw, on bodybuilding.com's top 6 most inspirational male profiles, has an incredible story. His story is so incredible he has inspired almost 4,000 people on bodybuilding.com, including myself. When you look at his strong body, it's even more impressive when you get the gist of what he went through to get it. He enjoys helping people with health issues and bettering their physiques and is one of the most down to earth, humble people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is now a very important part of the First Fitness Photography team.









Tony DiCosta is my mentor and friend; he's one of the deciding factors of how I became a fitness photographer to begin with. Originally a writer for car magazines such as Hot Rod (and many others) has aided in his super detailed physique and his pro-card invitation, and articles in Ironman magazine. All of this at at 65 years old...Checkout his website at www.tonydicostafitness.com









Sandi Akers: Dog trainer extraordinaire! She can rehab some pretty extreme cases. I was a member of her dog training club for a long time and had the unique opportunity to photograph some of the training in action. Sandi herself had gotten herself into running and made an amazing transformation for herself, transforming her body as well as transforming dog's and their owner's lives. Check out her facebook: TheK9DevelopmentCenter









Robert Smith, a bodybuilder and powerlifter since the 1980's, his mellow, approachable demeanor has made him many friends in any gym he chooses to frequent. Young guys look up to him, and he is always willing to help with form on an exercise. He stopped competing for a while, then went back to it in his early 50's. He wins pretty much every competition he competed in. Now recuperating from a shoulder surgery, he is a welcome sight back in the gym.