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What goes into every photo:

First, there is the process of taking the photo. Each photo is carefully set up, lit, and photographed from multiple angles.

Next, we upload the photos to the computer and inspect every photo and compare one photo to the next to decide which ones will make the cut.  Each photo is scrutinized for composure, focus, muscular detail, facial expression, background, and lighting;  after it passes that test we upload it to a private password protected proofing gallery (optional) for you to choose your photos from for one week.  If you are too busy and would like to skip the choosing step, we can choose the very best photos for you.

Once the photo have been chosen, we process the raw version of that photo--raw photos are like digital negatives and need to be processed like film does.  After the raw processing, we process the photo further with color balance and correction actions, sharpening, High-Definition software effects (on appropriate photos), removal of distractions, add a burred background effect (when applicable), add artistic coloration (if desired, and free of charge), and finally file conversion to jpegs and web-optimized jpegs. 

Once we have done that, we add them to your final private password protected gallery where you can download them instantly without having to wait for a DVD in the mail; as well as order prints in standard or custom finished such as metallic and gallery wraps.  We can even make an entire magazine of your photo shoot for a very affordable price for your personal use or for business use. 

Turnaround time to receive your photos is 1 to 2 weeks. Shoots done shortly after bodybuilding competitions may take longer, however you will be notified of this before hand.  Books take 1-2 weeks to design, then another week to print and be mailed out from the company. 

A $50 deposit is required at booking of shoot to save the day and is refundable up to 72 hours before the date of shoot. Rescheduling is free and subject to availability. 

Magazine style photo shoots:

Perfect for fitness modeling portfolios, boudoir, websites, social media feeds, graphics, and email marketing when you need that extra WOW factor!  Shoots can occur in a gym or an epic location outdoors / indoors.  Permitting fees may apply, depending on the location of choice.  Most outdoor locations range from $0 to $35; gyms are $50--if you provide the location of course there is no location fee unless we need to obtain a permit, such as Rotary or Ohlbrich gardens.  All photos are edited to perfection and delivered in a private password protected gallery on hi-resolution and web optimized versions. Thumb drive or DVD on request. These shoots take 3-5 hours. There is only one price with no hidden fees. You can choose the photos or we can choose them for you - we will upload a proofing gallery on request.

Silver Shoot: 25 photos $350  Gold Portfolio: 50 photos $650 

Groups and teams:

Day rates can be split between as many people as you want. Simply divide the average photos by the amount of people you have in the group to figure out how much it will cost for each person and how many photos each individual will receive.  Photos are environmental and magazine style, scroll down for examples.  All photos are edited to perfection and delivered in a private password protected gallery for each person on hi-res and web optimized versions. Thumb drive or DVD on request.

4 hours (averages 100 photos total) $500

6 hours (averages 200 photos total) $700

8 hours (averages 300 photos total) $900

Custom Magazines, trade books, hard cover books, and Catalogs:

  • An entire book or magazine that is ALL ABOUT YOU--GREAT to impress sponsors with! A magazine about you WILL get you noticed.

  • The magazine is available in print and digital form.

  • Set up: We design it and set it up, and then you can order as many copies as you want. You can even sell them for a profit if that is your goal! The price only includes only the set-up fee, not the books themselves. The books and especially the magazines themselves are relatively inexpensive, from $10-40 each for magazines depending on the finishes and other factors which we will go over with you. Hardcover books are a bit more, about $30-60.

  • You will need at least fifteen hi-resolution photos.

  • If you desire text, feel free to provide your story, ads for your business, etc. You can have any material you want in it along with your photos.  Photos from other photographers  and artists or photos of other people to be included in your magazine are acceptable, as long as they are print size (2+ MB), 300 DPI and you have obtained formal permission from them.

  • Licensing agreement applies for business use.

20 pages a $99      40 pages $149      80 pages $199    


We can make your photo shoot top priority and have it to you in two days (twenty picture maximum) for an added 40% of the total cost.


Stylists may need advance notice.  We can refer some stylists and you can make the arrangements with them for time and payment.

Travel and other expenses:

For trips over 1 hour from our Janesville location, we have to charge a $25 per hour travel fee to cover gas and other expenses.  If a hotel stay is necessary, that will be covered by the client.