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Recently, we changed our name from Corso Photographic to First Fitness Photography. Why did we do that? The name fits so well for a few reasons: we put your needs first, we are the first fitness photographers in the area, it's more descriptive of our specialty, and it's easier to remember. 

Desiree Duggan is the main photographer of First Fitness Photography. In her childhood, she was a paper based artist that enjoyed drawing & painting, frequently being voted most artistic in her classes.  As a child of the 1980’s, she took in her fair share of He-Man, the Thundercats, and Schwarzenegger movies, sparking her interest in muscular anatomy and the human physique.  When the idea of fitness photography arose, she took the ball and ran with it.  


Her love affair with her grandfather’s favorite hobby, photography, began when she took her first photography class in college.  Something clicked (literally); photography was so much faster than drawing & painting, and pictures were created in three dimensions rather than one!  Later on, she became a photographer of all things with glamor models being her area of expertise, but also enjoyed the photography of pets, weddings, babies, etc.   When your first fitness photo shoot is a fire-breathing figure competitor and the second is a shredded beyond belief and an often published fitness & car magazine writer, it is kind of hard to not get addicted to fitness photography immediately!


Desiree went on to become an ACE-certified personal trainer so she would have more specific knowledge about fitness photography. Her work went on to get published in a myriad of mainstream fitness magazines and works regularly with a major supplement company, but loves just as much to be able to offer magazine style photo shoots to the unsung heroes of everyday life. 


Chad Shaw is a personal trainer, sports nutritionist, natural bodybuilder of 30 + years who has appeared in several muscle magazines and is now her assistant and apprentice in photography.  Chad has been a natural bodybuilder since his teen years and he has logged hundreds of hours in front of the camera, so he can assist you with the specifics of posing, as well as simply making you feel welcome and more comfortable.  Aside from his well trained eye for great pictures, he is also a sponsored athlete with a major supplement company and has been in Bodyspace.com’s top ten male inspirational profiles for years running, right up there with Zzyz. His expertise is a valuable addition to any team, and this company would not be where it is without him.