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We specialize in providing you with Physique photos & Gym shoots; Food Photography; Fitness modelling portfolios; Body transformations and before & after photos; Gym photos; fitness equipment & supplements; Sports themed senior portraits; Personal trainer portraits and personal training pictures.

First Fitness Photography (formerly known as Corso Photographic) is a Wisconsin Fitness Photography team about 2 hours from Chicago. We have recently located to the Madison area of Wisconsin from the bustling fitness photography scene in Florida. We were proudly affiliated with MusclePapa and were shooting bodybuilding shows all over Florida with him. We are now producing more Fitness Photography in Wisconsin! Our work has appeared in Ironman Magazine, Fitness Rx, Muscular Development, the NPC News, Oxygen, Planet Muscle Magazine, World Physique, Bodybuilding.com, EFX Sports Supplements (makers of Karbolyn & Kre-Alkalyn), 1MR, Fitbodiez, Australian Natural, Natural Bodz, etc; our work is versatile and has even appeared on the cover of the AKC Gazette.


While many photographers take amazing pictures, fitness photography is a science in itself. It takes a working knowledge of human muscular anatomy, exercise science, knowledge of photographic software, and highly specialized lighting skill to be able to do a fitness photography or bodybuilding photo shoot that brings out the most in any physique. Use the photos to promote your personal training business, submission to supplement companies or magazines, or weight loss contest! We allow the photos to be used for these purposes in exchange for a photo credit. Whether you are a bodybuilder, a bikini competitor, a powerlifter, have undergone a body transformation, or a prospective fitness model, you work very hard to reach the type of goals you have achieved and it is a sin to not preserve it forever with a specialist that is well versed in the art and science of fitness photography. Plus, male shoots require different lighting and treatments than do female shoots, and the level of conditioning you have will dictate the lighting and angles. Do you want the very best pictures of yourself while you're in the best shape of your life? Look no further than this fitness photographer, located near Madison, WI.